Lumigan is an eye drop ophthalmic treatment that is typically used to treat glaucoma or for eye pressure and discomfort of the eye. These eye drops do come in different strengths of which availability may vary. The medication works to reduce pressure in the high, particularly for open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension.

The medication Lumigan is a prostaglandin medication with the active ingredient bimatoprost. When applied to the eye, Lumigan will help to drain fluid out of the eye in order to reduce the pressure in the eye.

Precautions and Warnings with Lumigan

It is vital that you speak to your doctor regarding your medical history, any known or historical eye conditions, allergies, and all medication use (i.e. prescriptions, over-the-counter drugs, supplements, herbs, etc.). Make sure your doctor has all pertinent information to avoid serious health issues.

These are the precautions and warnings associated with Lumigan:

Darker Eyelids or EyesYour eyes or eyelids may darken in color due to the melanin in your eye increasing. This change may not be noticeable for several months but is typically permanent if it does occur.
Eyelash ChangesYour eyelashes or the skin around your eyes may darken in color. This typically resolves after you stop using the medication. Eyelashes may also grow thicker or longer with the use of Lumigan.
Eye Inflammation or SwellingAs a prostaglandin, Lumigan may worsen redness or swelling of the eye. This is more likely to occur if the lens of your eye is damaged or if you already have eye inflammation.
Retina SwellingIf you have a history of eye problems, you are more at risk for retina swelling. This can cause changes in vision, including dull colors or blurriness.
Bacterial InfectionsWhen the medication has been contaminated, you run the risk of bacterial infection. Do not allow your dropper to touch your eye, your face, or any other surface to avoid contamination.
Contact lensesAvoid using or wearing contact lenses while you are using Lumigan. If the doctor approves wearing contacts, wait at least 15 minutes after applying Lumigan before putting them in.

If you have concerns or questions, speak with your doctor about them before using Lumigan.

Lumigan Side Effects

Most people who use Lumigan do not experience side effects. However, there are possible side effects to be aware of. If your side effects are long-lasting or get worse, contact your doctor right away.

Common Side Effects

These are the most common side effects experienced:

  • Eyelash growth
  • Eye redness
  • Eye itching
  • Dry eye
  • Feeling like something is in your eye

Serious Side Effects

If you experience the following side effects, stop the use of Lumigan and speak to your doctor. They may advise you to continue use, but it is important you consult with them first.

  • Burning sensations
  • Redness or itchiness around the eye
  • Excessive eye irritation
  • Eye pain
  • Blurry vision that doesn’t go away
  • Common cold symptoms
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Vision loss or changes

Allergic Reactions

Serious allergies are rare with the use of Lumigan. However, speak to your doctor about any medical allergies you may have and be aware of the signs of an allergic reaction. If you experience rash, itching, dizziness, or trouble breathing, stop using the medication and contact your doctor right away to determine the next steps to take.

Drug Interactions with Lumigan

Taking Lumigan with other medications may put you at a higher risk for certain side effects. It may also affect how your medications work and reduce effectiveness. Speak to your doctor about any medications, supplements, or herbs that you are using. It may be necessary to adjust dosage or medications for a short time while you take Lumigan, but your doctor will advise you on this.

The most common interaction is drugs that are being used for eyelash treatment, including bimatoprost or topical applications.

Lumigan Cost in America

How much you have to pay for Lumigan may depend on the dosage as well as factors like your location or your pharmacy. There are discount drug programs that may be able to provide you with coupons or cost savings so that you don’t have to pay full price for the medication without insurance.

The average cost of Lumigan is $200-$400. Even with potential discounts, the medicine can be quite costly with an average savings of only about 20% on this particular medication. Lumigan may be available in varying dosages as a generic as well.

Why is Lumigan So Expensive?

Most eye medicines like this have to be specially formulated to be made safe for ophthalmic eye treatment. In addition, it is a limited market that requires a higher cost to cover the costs of the medication. These costs include marketing, research, testing, and packaging needs. Lumigan is a specialized medication that is used for very specific needs, such as glaucoma. These details all impact the high price tag.

Strengths and Dosages of Lumigan

Lumigan sold as a brand-name product is typically only available in a single strength. This is .01% in a .1ml bottle. When you use Lumigan, the application is once daily, but this may vary depending on your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to follow all instructions provided by your doctor.

You can also get eye drops at .03% strength; however, this is only available through generic brands and not Lumigan specifically.

Lumigan Alternatives

Some alternatives to Lumigan may be acceptable for use depending on your personal needs. This includes generic alternatives as well as other corticosteroids designed to reduce eye pressure.

FAQs for Lumigan

What is Lumigan?

Lumigan is a medication eye drop that is used to treat eye pressure, such as in the condition glaucoma.

Who Takes Lumigan?

Lumigan is a prescription medication and can only be used when prescribed by your doctor. It is used primarily to treat glaucoma, but may also be used to treat other conditions that cause high pressure in the eye.

What is the Best Substitute for Lumigan?

The most common substitute is a medication known as Xalatan or any other Latanoprost medication.

How Much Does Lumigan Lower Eye Pressure?

The exact measurement of eye pressure reduction ranges from 7.1-8.6 mmHg of pressure. The reduction starts within a few hours of your first dose.

How Many Drops of Lumigan are in a 7.5ml Bottle?

This bottle is approximately a 90-day supply. At one daily drop, that is around 90 drops per bottle.

Why is Lumigan Taken at Night?

Prostaglandin medication works better when taken at night while your eyes are resting. Taking it at night may also reduce the discomfort or self-consciousness of red, sore eyes and any gritty feelings from the medication.

How Long Is Lumigan Good After Opening?

Lumigan is good for 30 days after opening. Do not use the medication longer than your doctor prescribes and be sure to discard it if it has been open for more than 30 days. You should discard any remaining eye drops immediately after you finish the dosage recommendations provided.

Is Lumigan Used for Eyelash Growth?

While Lumigan may thicken or lengthen your eyelashes, it is not used for this purpose. Latisse is the medication generally used for eyelash growth. Do not use Lumigan with the intention of eyelash growth. It should only be used for the intended purpose of relieving eye pressure.

How Do I Store Lumigan Eye Drops?

Store Lumigan in a cool, dry place where the medicine will not be exposed to high heat, high moisture, or direct sunlight.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The information provided here is for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment recommendations. It should not be taken as an endorsement of any specific medication or treatment. Individual health conditions and responses to treatment can vary greatly; therefore, this information should not be seen as a guarantee of safety, suitability, or effectiveness for any particular individual. Always consult with a healthcare professional for personalized medical advice and before making any decisions regarding your health or treatment plans.

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