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MyRx Outlet is a Canada-based online prescription fulfillment service. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality prescription drugs from Canada, Singapore, Mauritius, and the United Kingdom at affordable prices to patients all across the US.

Vouched for by communities and trusted by experts, here at MyRx Outlet, we take it a step further to offer you all you need to stay healthy. Order cheap prescriptions online from MyRx Outlet today!

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See our best-selling cheap prescription drugs and purchase online from our prescription fulfillment service in Canada! We have the most popular medications to help American patients stay happy and healthy.

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Why Order Insulin from Canada?

Diabetes Doesn’t Care About Your Budget, But We Do. Get Affordable Insulin Medication Today!

Let’s face it. American pharmacies don’t always offer accessible or cheap prescriptions online. Thankfully, our licensed team can help fill US prescriptions and give you the medications you need to stay healthy.

Our prescription fulfillment service makes it easy to purchase prescription drugs like insulin, even without insurance. MyRx Outlet is based in Canada, and we work with partner pharmacies around the world to source important medications and make them available to US patients, even when there’s a shortage in the country.

Canada’s government regulations make essential prescription drugs like insulin much less costly than what you can find in the United States. You can get insulin and other cheap prescriptions online from MyRx Outlet with lower out-of-pocket expenses, especially if you don’t have sufficient insurance coverage.

The Patented Medicine Prices Review Board (PMPRB) in Canada helps establish price ceilings for patented drugs like insulin. The Canadian healthcare system negotiates with pharmaceutical manufacturers to make medications more affordable and accessible, and MyRx Outlet brings those benefits to US patients.

Shipping and Delivery

We ship your medications directly to your residential address in the US. You’ll receive a tracking number and regular updates about your shipment, so you’ll never have to wonder about your important prescriptions.

Some medications are shipped in temperature-sensitive packaging if they require specific climate conditions, and all medications are sent and delivered to you with special care, within 4-10 business days in Canada or 7-10 business days in the US.

If you have questions about your order, contact our friendly customer service team, available Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm (CDT).

Prescription fulfillment has never been more fulfilling.

It’s simple: We are a world-certified provider of prescription drugs from Canada and other licensed pharmacies around the world, built to keep you healthy at an affordable price. See why we’re the best!

We have a wide variety of prescription drugs you can order from our store in Canada. Our partner pharmacies in multiple countries help supply us with quality medications. We even offer drug refills and pet medications. Try our extensive product search and see if we have what you’re looking for—we most likely do!

We value your data and online safety. Therefore, we guarantee to encrypt everything you upload securely in our system, from your personal information to your prescriptions and transactional data. With us, you can enjoy a safe shopping experience like never before!

Our customer service provides top-notch support. You can call, email, or chat with us if you have questions about ordering prescription drugs from Canada or overseas. We have expert pharmacists on our team who are happy to guide you through the process and give you the necessary assistance.

We offer cheap prescriptions online for those who don’t have insurance or can’t afford the cost of medications in the US. You can choose from brand names or generic drugs of the highest quality. We also have coupons and discounts for our loyal customers.

While our fulfillment service is based in Canada, we ship our medications to patients anywhere in the United States. You can order prescription drugs from our Canadian and international pharmacies and get your meds in safe packaging at your doorstep in the US.

Our team consists of licensed pharmacists, friendly customer service representatives, and all the professionals in between. With your best interest at heart, we are here to help you get the healthcare you deserve and live your happiest, healthiest life!

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We collaborate with doctors and prescribers to provide special discounts and streamlined ordering with no contracts or hidden charges. We help your patients access cheap prescriptions online and save you valuable time so you can focus on providing excellent care.

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