Ozempic for Weight Loss Statistics 2024

Why Ozempic?

Almost Everyone Agrees — Ozempic Works For Weight Loss


Concerns About Long-Term Use Are The Biggest Deterrent

Where Are People Getting Ozempic?


Is Prescription A Priority?


Ozempic Prescription Skyrockets, Then Slides

Where is Interest in Ozempic The Highest in The US?


Over 65s are The Most Engaged In Ozempic Conversations Online

Polly’s analysis includes information about which age groups are engaging in conversations about Ozempic the most online. The graph below gives us a clear overview of this.


Women Top Men In Ozempic Interest and Engagement


A Weighty Debate

About The Data

Data was sourced from Polly, who created independent samples of 11,154,381 and 5,168,081 people from Twitter, Reddit and TikTok worldwide over a year until 22 March 2024. Responses were collected and analyzed to produce outcomes within a 90% confidence interval and 5% margin of error. Engagement estimated how many people in the location are participating. Demographics were determined using many features, including name, location and self-disclosed description. Privacy was preserved using k-anonymity and differential privacy. Results are based on what people describe online — questions were not posed to the people in the sample.

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