Is There A Generic For Eliquis?

Few drugs have had as much influence as Eliquis, a revolutionary anticoagulant that has saved millions of lives. This medicine has transformed blood clots, stroke, thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism prevention, giving at-risk patients a new hope in life. However, Eliquis can be pricey to some individuals, making it hard to access. The good news is that the FDA has approved the first generic version of Eliquis called Apixaban. This approval is a major step toward making this vital blood thinner more affordable and accessible. Once made available, the generic Eliquis is expected to be cheaper than the brand-name medicine.

What is Eliquis?

Eliquis (Apixaban) belongs to a group of medicinal drugs called anticoagulants or blood thinners. The primary role of anticoagulants is to prevent blood clots. This helps to reduce stroke and systemic embolism risk in patients with deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and hip or knee replacements.

How Eliquis Works and Its Advantages

Eliquis reduces clots by blocking blood clotting proteins. Thanks to its efficacy and safety, it is a preferred anticoagulant for many patients and healthcare professionals.

The primary advantage of Eliquis is its predictable anticoagulant activity, which does not require frequent blood testing like other anticoagulants. This capability streamlines patient management and promotes compliance.

Eliquis has also shown a lower risk of severe bleeding issues when compared to earlier anticoagulants, thus establishing its role as a ground-breaking drug in the fight against cardiovascular and thromboembolic disease.

This anticoagulant’s extraordinary qualities have helped many people live better lives while extending life expectancy for those susceptible to fatal thrombotic episodes.

The Need for an Eliquis Generic

The high cost of Eliquis and the lack of cheaper alternatives have put chronic illness patients’ lives at risk due to drug inaccessibility. This necessitated the FDA to approve the manufacturing of Eliquis generic to solve this problem and provide affordable yet effective medicine for patients suffering from blood clots, stroke, DVT, PE, and more.

With the manufacturing of more generics like Apixaban, it is expected that more drugs become accessible and the competition will result in cut pricing. This should allow more patients to access drugs and save money.

The Current Status of Generic Eliquis

As the need for affordable Eliquis substitutes increased, so did the excitement for the arrival of generic Apixaban. Pharmaceutical companies have been putting in a lot of effort to produce generic versions of this popular anticoagulant in response to this demand.

In response to the demand for Eliquis alternatives, the FDA approved the manufacturing of generic Eliquis by pharmaceutical companies. A generic medicine is thoroughly reviewed and approved by the FDA before release.

The FDA ensures that generic drugs meet name-brand quality, safety, and efficacy standards. This process involves:

  • Chemical Equivalence: Generic medications must have the same active ingredient(s) in the same quantity and form as their original brand name.
  • Bioequivalence: Generic drugs must be absorbed similarly to brand-name drugs. This ensures the generic medicine has the same therapeutic effects as the brand-name drug.
  • Quality and Manufacturing Standards: Generic producers must follow high quality and production standards to assure product uniformity and reliability.

Benefits of Generic Eliquis

Generic Apixaban has many advantages for patients. We’ll discuss these benefits and why chronic health patients should go for generic Apixaban.
• Cost-Effective Alternative: One of the main benefits of selecting generic Apixaban is the considerable cost reduction it provides. For people managing chronic health conditions, generic drugs are frequently more affordable, making them a desirable option.
• Equal Efficacy: To guarantee that it provides the same therapeutic advantages as Eliquis, generic Apixaban must be bioequivalent to Eliquis. Patients can anticipate the same amount of effectiveness in avoiding blood clots and the consequences they may cause.
• Patient Access: With the introduction of generic Apixaban, more patients will now have access to this essential anticoagulant treatment. It implies that a larger population will be able to buy and utilize this life-saving treatment.
• Insurance Coverage: Because generic drugs are less expensive, many insurance plans and prescription drug coverage rules favor them. Generic Apixaban may be easier for patients to obtain through their insurance, lowering out-of-pocket costs even further.

What to Consider for Switching to a Generic

When thinking about switching to generic Apixaban, there are a few important things that patients need to be aware of. These include:

1. Consultation with Medical Professionals

Patients thinking of switching to generic Apixaban should speak with their medical professionals. To make sure the transition is secure and suitable, a healthcare practitioner can examine each patient’s medical history, prescription regimens, and any potential interactions.

2. Monitoring and Dosing

Apixaban is anticipated to be therapeutically similar to Eliquis, however, patients may require routine monitoring to make sure they tolerate the generic form. If dosage modifications are required, they should be carried out with the assistance of a healthcare professional.

3. Adherence to Medication

Whether using Eliquis or generic Apixaban, it’s important to follow the recommended dosage schedule. To preserve the effectiveness of their medication, patients should take it regularly and exactly as prescribed.

4. Quality Control

To guarantee the potency and legitimacy of the drug, patients should buy generic Apixaban from reputed pharmacies or medical facilities. The FDA’s strict regulations for generic medications aid in maintaining their efficacy and safety.

When will Generic Eliquis Be Available?

FDA clearance of a generic Eliquis (apixaban) was announced in January 2023. The invention is crucial to expanding anticoagulant drug alternatives for patients. While generic Eliquis has been cleared, it may take time to get into the market. The availability of this economical option depends on generic medicine manufacture, distribution, and pricing. The FDA has not yet declared the release date for generic Eliquis. While we expect generic versions to take months to become available for purchase after clearance, Eliquis received extended patent protection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In a press releasse, the Bristol Myers Squibb-Pfizer Alliance said generic apixaban medicines can only launch after April 1, 2028. This date is subject to appeals and challenges, which could affect generic Eliquis availability. Thus, patients and healthcare providers must stay abreast of generic Eliquis advancements to make educated treatment decisions.

Where to Buy Generic Apixaban?

Many individuals and medical professionals are interested in the availability of generic Apixaban. Since the FDA gave its permission, generic Apixaban will likely be more widely available. Typically, patients can obtain generic drugs like Apixaban at:

  • Pharmacies: Once generic Apixaban is widely accessible on the market, it is possible that neighborhood pharmacies and drugstores will carry it.
  • Online pharmacies: Several reliable online pharmacies sell generic drugs, offering convenience and frequently affordable prices. However, to guarantee product quality and authenticity, it’s crucial to pick a reputable internet provider.
  • Hospital pharmacy: Generic Apixaban may also be offered by hospital pharmacies for use by people who are in hospitals or receiving care from healthcare facilities.

How Much Will Apixaban Cost?

Generic medicines are typically far less expensive than brand-name drugs, making them a desirable alternative for people on a low budget or those with limited prescription drug coverage. Apixaban is expected to be much cheaper than Eliquis, depending on where it is obtained and other circumstances.

While the FDA has not announced the price of generic apixaban, expect the price to be cheaper than the cost of Eliquis which is about $529 for a month’s supply. With MyRx Outlet, you can obtain generic Apixaban for $52.95 for a month’s supply.

The availability of a cheaper generic drug may lower patient out-of-pocket expenditures, making long-term anticoagulant medicine more affordable

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Safety and Quality Assurance

Medication safety and efficacy are top priorities in the pharmaceutical industry. Below we examine the strict regulatory norms governing generic Apixaban production and distribution, confirming its quality and patient safety.

Strict Regulatory Standards

The pharmaceutical business prides itself on ensuring the safety and efficacy of all drugs. The FDA strictly regulates generic drug manufacturing and sales, including Apixaban. Generic medications must meet the same high quality, safety, and efficacy standards as name-brand drugs. This includes tight quality assurance, clinical testing, and production rules. Generic Apixaban is safe and reliable for patients.

Assurance of Drug Quality

To ensure the quality of their generic pharmaceuticals, patients should take preventative measures:
  • Select Reputable sites: To ensure product authenticity and quality, buy generic Apixaban from dependable pharmacies, medical professionals, or reliable internet sites.
  • Consult Healthcare Professionals: Whether using the brand-name Eliquis or the generic Apixaban, regular consultations with healthcare professionals are necessary to check the medication’s efficacy and safety
  • Report Any Concerns: Patients should notify their doctor and the MedWatch program as soon as they become aware of any side effects or concerns linked to their medicine. This helps to increase drug quality and conduct continual safety monitoring.
Patients can be assured of the quality and safety of their anticoagulant drug, whether it is Eliquis or generic Apixaban, by abiding by these guidelines and keeping lines of communication open with medical providers.

Dosage and Strengths

The dosage and strength of Eliquis, whether brand-name or generic (Apixaban), depend on many factors. Here, we discuss how doctors estimate dosage based on patient features, medical history, and underlying illness.

Eliquis (Apixaban) dosage

The precise medical problem being treated and the characteristics of the individual patient define the proper dosage of Eliquis (Apixaban). When determining the right dosage, medical professionals take into account the patient’s age, weight, medical history, and the reason for anticoagulant medication. The standard dosage recommendations for popular indications include:
  • Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation: The normal dosage is 5 mg administered orally twice a day. However, based on variables including renal function and bleeding risk, healthcare professionals may change the dosage.
  • Medication and Preventative Measures for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE): The initial therapy dosage is 10 mg administered twice daily for seven days, then 5 mg twice daily. A daily dose of 5mg is frequently advised for prophylaxis.
  • Hip or Knee Replacement Surgery: A normal dose for hip or knee replacement surgery is 2.5 mg taken orally twice a day, usually beginning 12 to 24 hoursafter surgery.

Accessibility of Stronger Generic Apixaban

It is anticipated that generic Apixaban will be offered in dosages that are bioequivalent to those of Eliquis. As a result, patients can anticipate to find generic Apixaban in 2.5 mg and 5 mg tablet dosages, which are comparable to those of Eliquis. Depending on the manufacturer, the pharmacy, or the source from which it is bought, several strengths might be available. For advice on the right dosage and strength for a patient’s particular medical condition, you should consult your doctor. Patients must carefully adhere to the dosage recommended by their healthcare practitioner and must speak with their healthcare team if they have any queries or concerns regarding their prescription schedule.

How to Use Eliquis (Apixaban)

Eliquis (brand-name) or Apixaban (generic) must be used properly to be effective and safe. Patients should attentively follow the doctor’s orders. Here’s a general guide to using anticoagulants:

  1. Dosage and Strength: Follow your doctor’s instructions for Eliquis or generic Apixaban dosage and strength. Do not exceed or decrease the recommended dose without medical advice.
  2. Administration: Eliquis and Apixaban are taken orally with or without food. Follow your prescription’s instructions.
  3. Consistency: You must take the drug at the same times every day to maintain anticoagulation.
  4. Don’t Miss Doses: Missing doses reduces medicine efficacy and increases blood clot risk. If you forget a dose, take it immediately and resume your regular regimen. Missed doses should not be made up.
  5. Storage: Store Eliquis or generic Apixaban at room temperature away from moisture and heat and maintain the medication’s packaging.
  6. Regular Monitoring: Your doctor may recommend blood and kidney function monitoring while taking Eliquis or Apixaban, depending on your medical condition and risk factors.
  7. Consult before Surgery or Dental Operations: Tell your doctor, surgeon, or dentist that you are taking Eliquis or Apixaban before surgery or dental operations. Their advice may include whether to continue, pause, or change your medication.
  8. Do Not Discontinue Abruptly: Consult your doctor before stopping Eliquis or Apixaban. Abrupt cessation can cause blood clots and other issues.

Eliquis and Apixaban are prescription drugs that should be monitored by a doctor. For tailored anticoagulant drug advice, see your healthcare team.

Side Effects of Eliquis (Apixaban)

Both generic Apixaban and brand-name Eliquis have the potential to cause negative effects. Patients must inform their healthcare professionals of any unexpected or severe symptoms, as well as any possible side effects. The following are some typical side effects of generic Apixaban and Eliquis:


1. Bleeding

The danger of bleeding is one of the main issues with anticoagulant drugs like Apixaban and Eliquis. Nosebleeds, bleeding gums, easy bruising, or more serious bleeding in the gastrointestinal system or other regions are some manifestations of this. Any bleeding symptoms should be reported by patients to their healthcare professional right away.


2. Gastrointestinal Distress

While taking Apixaban or Eliquis, some individuals may have nausea, indigestion, or stomach discomfort.


3. Allergic Reactions

Although uncommon, some people may experience an allergic reaction to these drugs, exhibiting signs including rash, swelling, itching, extreme dizziness, or trouble breathing. Reporting any symptoms of an allergic reaction and getting medical help should happen right away.


4. Changes in Liver Function

Eliquis and Apixaban may have an impact on liver function, which may show up as jaundice, black urine, or pain in the abdomen. Any worrisome symptoms should be reported by patients to their respective doctors.


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