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Depression is a health condition that affects many adults in the US. Roughly 29% of Americans have had to deal with depression at some point in their life. If not treated, depression can become chronic and affect your quality of life, preventing you from engaging in important daily activities such as work and socializing.

Wellbutrin is a popular yet expensive drug that treats depression symptoms, such as major depression, and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People who are uninsured or underinsured may find this medication expensive paying out of pocket. The cost of depression treatment can add up even further if you’re experiencing treatment-resistant depression because you have to take the medication indefinitely.

Our Wellbutrin coupons can help you offset the extra cost that comes with treating depression. At MyRx Outlet, We offer Wellbutrin at a reasonable price (compared to the USA) and provide coupons for you to use to drop the price even lower! 

What is Wellbutrin?

Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant medicine used primarily to treat major depressive disorder (MAD) and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and to support smoking cessation.

Depending on the type of depression you’re dealing with, your doctor can recommend one of the two main forms of Wellbutrin, namely; 

Wellbutrin XL: The extended-release tablet treats major depressive disorder in adults and helps to prevent seasonal affective disorder.
Wellbutrin SR: This is a sustained-release tablet that is commonly used to treat only major depressive disorder in adults.

Treatment with Wellbutrin should start early for best outcomes. For most patients, however, its exorbitant price can be a huge obstacle to timely medication. The medication costs up to $2000 for a 30-day supply, which is beyond what most people can afford.

Why is Wellbutrin Expensive?

The cost of Wellbutrin without insurance and discounts is quite high. Depending on where you buy it and the desired dosage, you may have to part with thousands of dollars to obtain the medication.
Wellbutrin is expensive for several reasons including:

Wellbutrin is a Brand Medication

Typically, brand medications are much more expensive than generics. Wellbutrin coupons offer you a chance to obtain this brand medication at an affordable price.

Cost of Marketing and Supply

It requires a lot of money for pharmaceutical companies to advertise and distribute Wellbutrin. From creating effective marketing campaigns to ensuring the medication is available to drug stores and healthcare facilities across the country, the entire process is quite cost-intensive.

High Cost of Meeting Regulatory Standards

The pharmaceutical industry in the US is highly regulated to make sure only safe, effective, and quality medication reaches the market. For Wellbutrin to get approval, it is reviewed by scientists such as chemists and pharmacologists, a process that requires a substantial amount of money, adding to its overall cost.

Research Expenses

Wellbutrin undergoes a rigorous manufacturing process that includes carrying out extensive research and countless trials and testing to make sure the drug is effective and safe for use. Ultimately, this cost is added to the overall price of the medication, making it expensive.

Why Americans Benefit from a Wellbutrin Coupon?

While Wellbutrin is a popular medication covered by Medicare and most other commercial health insurance, there is a group of Americans who are not covered. For those people who are not covered by insurance, MyRx Outlet is here to help! 

Wellbutrin coupons help Americans get the medicines they need and adhere to treatment regimens because they make medication affordable and accessible. Thanks to our Wellbutrin coupons, you can get your desired medication at the right dosage without worrying about costs.

The high cost of drugs has driven up healthcare costs in America. Coupons seek to lift the weight off patients’ shoulders by making medication affordable. By claiming drug coupons, you can reduce your healthcare costs significantly.

Patients dealing with chronic depression have to continuously take medication to experience improved symptoms, but this comes at a cost. Coupons help to relieve the financial burden of people who take medication for major depressive disorder indefinitely.

Claim Your Wellbutrin Coupon on MyRx Outlet

Depression treatment is vital for improved quality of life. Wellbutrin helps to improve symptoms of depression in adults by treating major depressive disorder and preventing seasonal affective disorder.

Upload your prescription of Wellbutrin today and start saving! 

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