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Eliquis (Apixaban)

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There are certain times when people are more vulnerable to getting a blood clot. This can include people who have had their knee or hip replaced surgically. It’s also true for patients who have atrial fibrillation, a type of disorder of the heart rhythm. When any of these circumstances are present, a blood clot could form somewhere in the body, generally in the legs or lungs. Blood clots can be serious and can block the flow of blood the body needs to function properly. This medication can keep the blood from forming these clots.
Eliquis also treats existing blood clots that are in the lungs or legs. In the leg, this is known as deep-vein thrombosis. In the lungs, it’s called a pulmonary embolism. It can cause the clots to break down and prevent more from forming later. Eliquis reduces the risk of strokes that people with blood clots have.
Eliquis is the brand name of the active ingredient apixaban. It’s a type of anticoagulant that helps your blood not to clot as easily. It does this by blocking some of the specific proteins in the blood that cause clotting. This medication is essential for people who have had replacement surgery or have atrial fibrillation, and it should be taken at the same time each day as prescribed. For some people taking this medication is temporary, For others, it’s permanent. The problem that many people face with it is that it can be expensive.

The Cost Of Eliquis In The United States

Because Eliquis is a name-brand medication, it comes with a higher price tag. Although there has been approval for a generic of this medication, it isn’t yet available on the US market and isn’t expected to be until at least 2028. This has kept the price of the medication high because there’s no generic equivalent in the United States, and that means no direct competition for pricing. However, a generic is available in Canada and is one of our best sellers due to its price point. 
Many patients are surprised to find out that their Eliquis costs almost $700 for a 30-day supply in the U.S. This can be an enormous amount to pay for one drug, and it could keep some patients from accessing the medication they need. Blood clots can be highly dangerous, so no patient who is prescribed this medication should go without it. With a $700 price tag in American pharmacies, this can prove to be very difficult. However, you can get a lower cost by buying this medication from MyRx Outlet. Not only can you save on brand name Eliquis but you can save even more with generic (and approved) Apixaban.
The prices in the U.S. for drugs are virtually always higher than outside the country. Americans pay most of what pharmaceutical companies take in so that these companies can recoup their costs for creating the drug, testing it, and getting it FDA-approved. When you buy from outside the country, prices are more reasonable for most drugs.
MyRx Outlet is the perfect place to go to get a lower price on Eliquis. By buying from a Canadian prescription fulfillment service, you can get the lower price that is offered in Canada for the exact same medication that you would buy for more in the U.S. Canada is close enough for faster shipping, and you can get your prescription sent directly to you. It doesn’t get much more convenient than buying it online for a lower price and having it right at your door. You can even get a better price with an Eliquis coupon.

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To make Eliquis even more affordable for the people who need it, we offer an Eliquis coupon to bring the price down. Getting your Eliquis coupon is easy, and it’s easy to use it to get your discount. Using these coupons could be what it takes to make this medication affordable for you. We offer Eliquis coupons so that you can pay as little as possible for your medication.
If you’ve been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or you’re going to have knee or hip replacement surgery, you need to have this drug to take every day to avoid the complication of blood clots. Don’t go without this much-needed drug when it can be made more affordable for you when you buy it at MyRx Outlet. Buying outside the U.S. is a great option for just about any prescription drug, including Eliquis.

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