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Bystolic (Nebivolol)

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Bystolic is the brand name given to the active ingredient nebivolol. It’s a prescription drug that is used for treating patients with high blood pressure. It can also be used for other uses such as chest pain and heart failure. This medication is classified as a beta blocker. It works to lower blood pressure by lowering the strength of the patient’s heartbeats, causing the heart rate to be slower, and making blood vessels wider.

It does this by changing the way that some substances in the body work. It blocks the action of epinephrine so that it doesn’t affect the heart and blood vessels. With larger blood vessels and a slower heart rate, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard, and the patient’s blood pressure is lowered.

This medication is usually prescribed to patients who have taken other blood pressure medications that didn’t work for them. For patients with lung disease, this is the type of beta blocker that’s generally preferred. It’s a medication that’s usually taken once a day. The dosage can be anywhere from five to 40 mg.

Using this medication may not change the way you feel at all, even though it’s working. High blood pressure often comes with no symptoms, so treating it may not seem to change much. Never stop taking it just because it doesn’t change the way you feel. It takes this medication a few weeks to give you the full benefit from it, and it should be taken at the same time every day.

Bystolic can be an expensive medication, but there is a generic of nebivolol that comes with a much lower price tag. Many patients want to use the generic instead of the brand name for this reason. You may need to talk to your doctor about the prescription allowing for the generics rather than only working for the brand name medication. It’s possible to get a Bystolic coupon to help with the price of the name brand.

MyRx Outlet offers both brand name Bystolic, as well as the generic of the medication called by its active ingredient, nebivolol. With our Bystolic and nebrivolol discounts, Americans save even more on their medications!

Prices for Bystolic and Generic Nebivolol

Bystolic is a highly needed medication for some patients. Having blood pressure that’s too high can leave patients at a much higher risk of problems like heart attacks and strokes. When blood pressure
is consistently high, this beta blocker can be the perfect remedy to lower your risk of serious health problems. However, this medication does come at a price.

The price of the name-brand medication Bystolic for a 30-day supply of tablets can be anywhere from $200 to $227, depending on where you go to get the prescription filled. This can be a lot of money, especially if you don’t have insurance with prescription coverage. However, our Bystolic coupon available from us to get the price to a more reasonable one. This can help uninsured patients to get this medication that is potentially lifesaving.

Another way to get a lower price is to use the generic of Bystolic, called nebivolol. MyRx Outlet carries the generic so that you won’t have to pay top dollar for the same medication that’s cheaper in
generic form. The generic form in the U.S. costs about $170 for a 30-day supply. This can be lower through our site because the medication comes from Canada. It’s the same medication that you can buy in the States, but it isn’t as expensive. It’s also easily ordered online and is then delivered directly to you.

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Get Your Bystolic Coupon

We make it simple to get your Bystolic coupon as well as to get the generic of this name-brand medication. When you use our pharmacy, you don’t have to worry that you’re paying a higher price than you need to. Drugs in Canada cost less, and they can also cost less for Americans who buy them from a Canadian pharmacy. MyRx Outlet offers a discount on prescription drugs to make it far easier to get what you need without overspending.
If you aren’t able to afford to treat your high blood pressure, you could face a lot of health risks. It’s never a good idea to go without the medications you need for better health. You may be having trouble getting your medication due to the price of it, or you may just want to spend as little as you can to save money. In either case, a Bystolic coupon or the generic equivalent of this medication can help.
With our Bystolic coupon, you will know that you’re getting a great price on this blood pressure medication. If you know anyone else who takes this vital medication, let them know about our Bystolic coupon so that they can also save money. Never go without the medication you need because of the price when our Canadian pharmacy has the prices you need.

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